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Mission Statement: To promote excellence in nursing care of children and their families through support of our members’ clinical excellence, education, research, and advocacy.

About the Society of Pediatric Nurses

Since 1990, the Society of Pediatric Nurses has maintained its core values: commitment, integrity, leadership, and excellence.


Accountability to members and to decision making that contributes to the profession of pediatric nursing; Dedication to life-long learning, generation of new knowledge and scholarship, innovation, and advocacy for exceptional pediatric nursing care of children and families


Respectful, ethical, transparent, and fiscally responsible. Consistent expectations of collaboration and alignment of intellectual, professional, and organizational values


Visionary, leading with one voice, seeking diversity of thought, inspiring and advancing the leader qualities and strengths of the membership


Development and dissemination of evidence based standards and research based knowledge that transcends into exceptional quality outcomes for the nursing care of children and families and the promotion of the specialty of pediatric nursing.

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About the OSPN

Founded in 2005, the Ohio Chapter of the SPN aims to be the premier resource for Ohio nurses caring for children and their families.


  • 2006: SPN Highest Increase in Membership Award
  • 2010: SPN Chapter Award
  • 2010: SPN Educational Scholarship Award to Teresa Setnar BSN, RN, CPN
  • 2012 – Education Award – Becky Thorne, Treasurer
  • 2016 – Education Award – Lori Huff, Board Member
  • 2017 Clinical Practice Award – Vickie Webb, President
  • 2018 Outstanding Chapter Award

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