OSPN Annual Conference Scholarship 

OSPN offers an annual scholarship for the national SPN Annual Conference to support the advancement of pediatric nursing, art, and science. The scholarship covers the registration fee to attend the Annual SPN Conference in person. You must be a member of both the SPN and the OSPN to apply. Please submit applications by February 1 of each year.

OSPN Research Grant Requests

This research grant is presented to an SPN/OSPN member for the purpose of conducting research related to children and their families. All studies ranging from pilot studies to large, multi-site studies will be considered.

Amount of Grant Funding

The amount of the grant is variable and will be determined annually by the OSPN Board. The maximum grant is $500.00. If you are conducting a large study and wish to use the OSPN grant to supplement other funding, please be specific about what aspects of the project OSPN funds will support. OSPN will grant one award annually.

Selection Criteria

  1. Research must be designed to enhance the care of children and their families.
  2. The Research project’s principal investigator must be a registered nurse.

Submission Instructions

Submissions should be sent electronically to the OSPN by September 1: [email protected]

Notification of award selection will be done via email and will be announced at the November Membership Meeting.

Awards from National

The National branch (SPN) also gives out annual awards. For more information about those awards, please click here.

Failure to comply with the terms of the research grant agreement is cause for revocation of the grant and a call for the repayment of grant funds.

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